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So what is Advertising
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Advertising is a typically paid type of promotion, distributed through a publisher, that aims to persuade people to act or respond in a particular way.

There are three basic types of ads:

  • Informative advertising, often used to launch a new product or to reach a new group of customers, gives people basic information, like what a product does, how someone might use it, where they can find it, and what the price point is. The objective is to capture interest, raise awareness, leave a positive impression, and motivate people to take the next step, like making a purchase or requesting more information.
  • Persuasive advertising generally aims to increase demand, influence people to change brands, or motivate people to make a purchase. It might show the benefits a product offers or compare key features against a leading competitor.
  • Reminder advertising reassures people who already know—and potentially like—a brand, with a goal of keeping the product or service top-of-mind for future purchases. It reinforces messages from other ads, and may include customer testimonials.

Advertising is a form of outbound media, which means an ad interrupts what someone is doing in an effort to capture their attention.

It’s an approach that has pros and cons. Advertising’s reach can be either broad or very targeted, and advertisers have a lot of control over how, when, and where a message is distributed. However, finding the right message, format, and channel to get and keep someone’s attention—and entice them to convert—is one of advertising’s biggest challenges.

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